Touchdown in London Town

This past summer I lived out my dream and spent two months working and living in London, England. It was absolutely amazing. By day I was working 9-5 at a public relations firm, Premier, as the television PR intern and by night I was out exploring one of the best places in the world. I flew

Traveling to Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Brian and Scotland’s Travel Adventures “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal

Why Everyone Should Experience Electric Forest

At the end of your weekend at Electric Forest you will be hungry, thirsty, covered in dirt and beyond tired. None of that matters though because you just had the best weekend of your life. At least that is what I have felt after my 3 visits to Electric Forest. I still remember my first

World of Beer: Ultimate Breweries in Michigan

Michigan’s microbreweries are flourishing fast. Breweries like Founders and Short’s are becoming more well known for their beer and are becoming destination spots when people visit Michigan.

Top 5 Must See Wonders of Your Yellowstone Trip

Yellowstone has so much to offer, it just takes some off roading and exploring to see the true hidden wonders of this beautiful national park.