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Travel, Yellowstone National Park

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. One of the most beautiful spots in the park.

Hi! I’m Scotland, a junior at Michigan State University, but originally from Grand Rapids, MI. I am 21 years old and have been traveling my whole life. I have moved cross country for my dad’s work, spent a summer working at Yellowstone National Park and have traveled abroad to various countries like England, Spain and France. I plan to continue my travels to London to live and work there this summer.

I have lived in Michigan, Ohio and California. I love the midwest, the upper peninsula of Michigan in particular, but nothing compares to out west. I did live in Southern California for a while, but I didn’t get to experience the real out west until I went to work at Yellowstone National Park last summer. This was the first time that I really was on my own and cross country from my family. I decided to apply to work out west after being home for a year at Grand Rapids Community College. I was sick of my daily routine and wanted to experience a different way of living and grow as an individual.¬†¬†Once out west I became a cook at Lake Yellowstone Hotel. I had never been a cook before and it took some time to get used to, but finally I got the hang of it and in the end learned so much about cooking and met so many amazing people.

I couldn’t imagine a life with out traveling. I get bored and am ready to move on to my next destination after a few months. I have a passion for exploring and experiencing new cultures, meeting people from all walks of life, trying food and drinks that I can’t even pronounce. Traveling is good for the soul, it makes you open up your eyes as to what is really out there in the world. I hope to encourage you to live out your dreams and create incredible adventures and memories for yourself because your journey in life is not meant to be lived in one place. Get out and travel!

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