Cheers to Your 20’s and Travel Adventures

Vacation Forever

Vacation Forever is a travel blog serving as a guide for traveling in your 20’s embracing food, drink, travel and photography around the globe.

Almost ever person I talk to has dreams to travel or says that they will travel after they graduate college or after they start working. Traveling doesn’t have to be this huge ordeal that needs a lot of planning. You can incorporate travel adventures into your everyday life. Driving to a new restaurant for lunch instead of eating at the same place everyday or making a spontaneous road trip for the weekend. Traveling should be a part of your everyday life. Yes, some types of traveling requires planning, time and effort. People waste so much of their life striving to get a great career, make money, create a family, etc. Why can’t you travel while trying to achieve all your goals? What are you more likely to remember? Pulling an all-nighter studying for exam or that one time you spontaneously took a road trip up north to go hiking with your friends? Its probably the second one. Nothing should stop you from living out your dreams.

Traveling in your 20’s can be difficult for many reasons like money, knowing how to plan your trips, where to travel and transportation. All these factors can cause people to not travel. I want this blog to change that. This blog will show you unique places to go to, how to stray away from the stereotype of a tourist, and turning your dreams of traveling into a reality.

I plan to live out my dreams and hope to inspire people along the way to do the same. I want to share my travels, life lessons, passion for travel adventures, and mission to experience as much as I can in my lifetime.

Good vibes and vacation forever!

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